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The Global Spirits Masters is an international spirits Competition which has taken place in London for the last ten years. Brands from across the world participate every year.Judging for The Global Spirits Masters, is divided into 18 separate competitions to ensure eac...


The 49th edition of the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), a competition that awards excellence in wines and spirits worldwide, has seen the triumph of a Bruni Glass bottle: Bellagio.

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Regarding  the women's day, our 3 Graces (Lila Dimopoulou, Hara Katsou & Katerina Katsou) were awarded amongst talented and remarkable professional women in the category of Innovative Entrepreneurship.

We are very proud and will continue to do the best at all levels. Th...


For the fifth year running, we participated with great success in the Athens Bar Show 2018. 

Our wonderful scene in building 4 was our presence.

The enthusiasm and positive feedback from all our visitors, has been inspiring and we are more motivated than ever to select,...


Another double recognition for our Grace Gin , in the international competition IWSC.


We are delighted to announce, our baby, grace gin has won.... Its a wonderful recognition for all the hard work from all the grace gin family and those who enjoy grace gin.


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Η Λίλα Δημοπούλου, η Κατερίνα και η Χαρά Κατσού για περισσότερο από 8 μήνες ερευνούσαν και πειραματιζόντουσαν με 50 βοτανικά στοιχεία για να καταλήξουν στην συνταγή του premium ποτού τους που βράβευσαν οι Βρετανοί ειδήμονες...

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