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At the end of the 19th century and in the heart of the Victorian era, the great British Empire, immersed in a colonial struggle throughout Africa, had already dominated the shipping lanes, trade routes and most of the goods traffic between East and West.

The search for new routes created a lineage of intrepid explorers who led the discovery of remote and unknown places. The most important of these was the coastal city of Mombasa, located opposite the Island of Zanzibar, which, due to its strategic position, soon became the main port and commercial centre of all East Africa. The first private social club was created there; the legendary Mombasa Club, founded in 1885 by and for officers of the British East Africa Protectorate.

The club was an essential part of the social life during the Colony, where its members kept lively gatherings or exchanged news coupled with their Mombasa Club gins & tonic. An exclusive gin from England and specially distilled and bottled for consumption and enjoyment of its founder members.



 Mombasa Club Gin is still a nostalgic reminiscence of the spirit of those romantic adventurous pioneers of the glorious and epic XIX century English colonialism.

Mombasa Club is a premium  London Dry Gin, with 41.5% Vol., Although its formula dates back to the late nineteenth century.


Visual stage: bright and water white, a vivid reflection of the purest London Dry style.

Olfactory Stage: The experts say that for a Premium Gin the botanicals should almost attack the nose. This is the case of Mombasa, which has a strong juniper base, perfectly matched with the coriander and the spicy notes of cassia and cumin.

Gustative Stage: We already know that tasting a  gin straight is not usual, but in this case it is worth  sipping a small amount with a little water to appreciate its aromatic power.

Only the gins that have quality aromas leave their mark on the memory. Such as Mombasa Club Gin.

Conclusion: Its complexity and discretion, establish it among the most versatile and appetizing gins in the market. It serves both for gin & tonic and for signature cocktails.

41.5% abv



Mombasa Gin Club Colonel’s Reserve is a special and limited edition in homage to this lineage of adventurers who were able to take the British Victorian Empire to its most glorious period.

Made under the classic English style, Colonel’s gin has a higher ABV (43.5% vol.) And more intense aromas than its namesake. In fact, it contains seven botanicals, highlighting the caraway seed, instead of angelica, and the addition of calamus, an aquatic plant that usually grows in marshy areas. The making of Mombasa Gin Club Colonel’s Reserve arises from a 4 times distilled alcohol of the highest quality, which serves to macerate all the botanicals for a 24 hours . After which is then once again distilled in small pot still designed and built by the  London manufacturer “John Dore”.

The distillate is then left to stand for 10 days before any further processing.

This allows all the fine aromas to be assembled into the Mombasa Gin Club Colonel’s Reserve. A genuine London Dry Gin With a harmonious botanical fusion.


Visual Stage: Translucent and true to the profile of a London Dry.

Olfactory Stage: Aromatically, it enjoys the harmony of a perfect fusion among its botanicals (cassia, caraway, calamus) highlighting, subtly, it’s more floral and citric point. The juniper then balances the whole. A few seconds resting  in the glass, magnify the  aromas creating a whole  world of complexity and  flavours from the botanicals.

Gustatory Stage: On the palate, it conveys a silky touch, subtly supported by its well-distributed aromas and slight sweetness. The aromatic farewell, is the second value of this gin that reveals a long and calm maceration of the botanicals.

Conclusion: Because of the defined nature of the botanicals and its discreet sweet accent, we recommend tonics with little presence of quinine. In addition, it combines very well with aromatic mixers and signature cocktails.

43.5% abv


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