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The Powerscourt Distillery was designed and constructed by Scottish engineering group Forsyths, one of the world leaders in the supply of distillation equipment. It is a classic 3 pot still distillery, allowing Powerscourt to distil malt and pot still whiskey using both classic and traditional triple and double distillation methods. At full capacity the distillery has the potential to distil over 3 million of bottles of whiskey per year, or lay down the equivalent of 40 barrels of spirit per day.

The Irish whiskey category is one of the fastest growing premium spirit categories in the world. It can be broken down into four distinct styles of whiskey: Grain Whiskey, Malt Whiskey, Pot Still Whiskey and Blended Whiskey.

At Powerscourt Distillery we distil both Malt and Pot Still whiskeys in our distillery, and have released Malt, Grain and Blended Irish whiskeys under our Fercullen brand. All of our aged whiskey stock was carefully hand chosen by Founding Master Distiller and Blender Noel Sweeney, to allow us to release whiskey while we waited for our distilled liquids to reach maturity.

Fercullen Falls Small Batch, Blend


Fercullen Falls is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys, with a high malt content, highlighting the unique style of the Powerscourt Distillery. With this release, The Powerscourt Distillery is herald­ing the start of a new era for the Distillery, with the inclusion of its own distilled whiskeys for the first time.

A 50/50 blend, the malt whiskey has matured in first-fill, ex-bourbon barrels and the grain in a combination of ex-bourbon and new heavy char oak casks.

Nose Cinnamon and fresh orchard fruits, herbaceous with brown sugar, toffee and a distinct maltiness.

Taste Rich, soft and sweet. Vanilla icing and malt spice with a peppery clove finish.

Finish Warming malt spice with good length, drying at the extremities of your tongue.

43% abv


Fercullen Italian Gardens, Blend


Powerscourt Distillery proudly introduces the second release in their ‘Estate Series’ – Issue 2 of 3; The Italian Gardens.

A limited Edition Blended Fercullen Irish Whiskey Amarone cask influence.

In this way, the Powerscourt Distillery is paying homage to the inspirational “Italian Gardens”, the centerpiece of renowned Powerscourt Gardens, voted 3rd Best Gardens in the World by National Geographic.


Nose Abundance of fruit, cherry, fig, and marmalade with sweet hints of lemonade and cream soda.

Taste Soft grain sweetness with mouth filling honey and lemon give way to a light malt spice.

Finish Long and fruity with a pleasant coating of summer fruit oils.

46% abv


Fercullen 8 Year Old, Premium Blend Irish Whiskey


A blend of carefully selected casks of aged malt and grain whiskeys, Fercullen Premium Blend Irish Whiskey, is aged in seasoned oak giving it a rounded smoothness and unique depth of flavour that draws from a rich background of grain, malt and toasted oak.


“This exquisite Irish whiskey represents the blending together of carefully selected casks of aged malt and grain whiskeys. Mellowed by time in a soft Irish climate, tones of citrus and vanilla emerge from grain, malt and oak.” 

Noel Sweeney, Master Distiller

Nose Sweet vanilla, citrus, honey, spice, almonds, candy orange peel, oak.

Taste Smooth, crisp, grain, combinations of malt, caramel, fruit, and sweetness.

Finish Long lasting sweet vanilla and toasted oak finish.

40% abv


Fercullen 10 Year Old, Single Grain Irish Whiskey


Carefully selected from rare stocks of aged Irish Whiskey, the Fercullen 10-year-old Single Grain Irish Whiskey has been aged exclusively in white oak for over a decade before being recasked to mature in fresh bourbon barrels. Balanced, with light, sweet, subtle tones, this inspiring Irish whiskey lends character and company to any occasion.

“This is an exceptional 10-year-old Irish whiskey. It delivers light, subtle tones that reveal an underlying complexity and smoothness that lends character to any occasion.”

Noel Sweeney, Master Distiller


Nose Sweet vanilla, citrus, honey, spice, almonds, candy orange and oak

Taste Smooth, sweet, crisp grain with complex combinations of oak, fruit, and sweetness.

Finish Silky to start with a long lasting sweet, vanilla oak finish.

40% abv


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