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Sheep Dip

The Blended Malt Scotch whisky with the eccentric name, Sheep Dip. It’s name comes from the times where British farmers placed their home made whisky in barrels with the indication “Sheep Dip” (disinfectant for Sheep), in order to avoid tax payment. Sheep Dip whisky is the result of mixing 16 different malts, aged from 8-20 years, from the different whisky regions of Scotland, each one adding a unique characteristics to the product. Produced in small batches and matured in carefully selected first fill oak casks. A rich gold- colour with copper highlights, an elegant nose, with soft, sensual flowery aromas, in perfect balance  with an attractive array of complex fruit flavours.


Sheep Dip has heritage and tradition being blended by Richard Paterson, the only 3rd generation Master Blender in Scotland.

Multi-award winning including Gold medals at Great Taste Gold Award 2009, International Wine & Spirits Award 2004, 2005 and the famous Le Concours Mondial Spirits Award 2009. Recognised as outstanding in well-known journals including Ian Buxton’s 101 Whiskies to Try Before you Die, The Whisky Bible, World of Whiskies and Whisky magazine.

40% abv

700ml & 200ml

Sheep Dip Islay Malt whisky

Τhe smokey edition of the famous Sheep Dip. Dark gold  colour with amber highlights, produced at the southern part of the island of Islay, an island traditionally considered the center of the distilleries in Scotland, with the blend of outstanding single malts of the area. The intense smokeyflavour of this Islay malt is coming from drying the malt with peat smoke.

The peat flavour penetrates the malt, transferred to the alcohol and finally in the transformed spirit. Through the peatiness you feel the sea, plants and the saltiness of the Atlantic Ocean.

From Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2015, where it won an award, the flavor was characterised as “baked peaches and tomatoes mixed with smokey notes meeting the underlying sweetness of the grain in the mouth creating a pleasant lasting balance”.

40% abv

700ml & 200ml

Pig’s Nose

This outstanding blended whisky was created in 1977. It is blended by Richard Paterson, the only 3rd generation Master Blender in Scotland.


Pig’s Nose is the proof that a blended Scotch whisky does not need to be of old age, or very expensive in order to be good. The Pig’s Nose name hints at the soft, calm but with a rich character at the same time (smooth as a pig’s nose). Although the usual proportion of malt in whiskies is just 15%, Pig’s Nose contains at least 40% malt. These malts come from the Lowlands, Speyside, and islay areas. It has a clear gold colour, a soft rich nose with a butterscotch flavour, with wood and fresh pines notes. The aromatic character confirmed in the mouth where at the same time some spices appear at this mid body Scotish spirit.

40% abv


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