This outstanding blended whisky was created in 1977. It is blended by Richard Paterson the only third generation Master Blender in Scotland. Pig’s nose is the proof that a blended Scotch whiskydoes not need to be of old age, or very expensive in order to be good. The Pig’s Nose name hints at the soft, calm but with a rich character at the same time (smooth as a pig’s nose). Although the usual proportion of malt in whiskies is just 15%, Pig’s nose contains at least 40% malt. These malts come from the Lowlands, Speyside, and islay areas. It has a Colour clear gold colour, a soft rich nose with a butterscotch flavour, with wood and fresh pines notes. The aromatic character confirmed in the mouth where at the same time some spices appear at this mid body Scotish spirit.